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80000 emerald January now crack: court support return

2013 January 26
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Posted by green hill

chinese jade

Ms. Yang spent 80,000 yuan bought emerald ring, wearing a month after gradually obvious cracks. Ms. Yang obvious fraud is suspected in a jewelry store in Shanghai, the store that Ms. Yang knowing emerald exist rift in the transaction.

The two sides at loggerheads over, Ms. Yang then sued the court, the jewelery shop to return and compensation for 80,000 yuan. Shanghai Yangpu District Court today revealed that the hospital verdict, a jewelry store in Shanghai to handle returns for Ms. Yang.

In March 2012, Ms. Yang pick emerald inlaid rings in a price of 80,000 yuan a jewelry store in Shanghai. At that time the clerk introduce natural emerald ring set with cheap, is a collection-level gems, did not mention whether there is a defect or after processing.

In after Ms. Yang payments purchase, the clerk in the delivery of the ring, while delivery of the appraisal report, which Notes partially filled processing.

Wear the ring for nearly a month, Ms. Yang found through sun emerald memory minor cracks continue to wear after a period of time, they discovered that more and more cracks within the emerald, and very obviously, they ring the emerald sent to third-party testing, the test results had oil immersion processing. According to professionals, the oil-immersed conceal the emerald original crack to be over time grease volatile, cracks will appear.

Ms. Yang is a jewelry store in Shanghai fraudulent request a return, then go to consultation. A jewelry store in Shanghai that the gems dipped in resin oil and grease in practice is not illegal, the industry allows an optimization approach. The store said as Ms. Yang fare increase of 20 million, may be its replacement of an emerald, do not agree with Ms. Yang’s return requirements. Ms. Yang then sued.

The court held that, Ms. Yang before the emerald purchase to a jewelry store in Shanghai, the clerk gem referrals, but not in relation to the presence of defects and to optimize the handling of emerald disclosed to consumers, only in the delivery of identified The report notes partially filled processing. Jewelry store that the contract exists treaty fault. Accordingly, Ms. Shen based on the the commodity status quo, that can not achieve the purpose of the contract to buy their own perfect jewelry, a jewelry store in Shanghai to bear civil liability, the request shall be returned, should be supported. As for her request of a jewelry store in Shanghai separate compensation of 80,000 yuan, the court not support it.

Emerald as a woman, Jia Hongmei emerald circumstances

2012 December 30
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Every age has a hermit, Jia Hongmei contemporary hermit, if not the favorite fashion emerald keen intuition, she will in her small world leisurely enjoy the joy of their own. Girlhood reading, horseback riding, shooting, her all. Love AU sea oath about achievements and happy families, thirty year old wife, mother, she is most proud of blessing! Now travel around the world, to see to feel different scenery and culture, her greatest pleasure. Her story and Fei, as another circumstances outside of her loyal love.

Jia Hongmei is a bit outspoken indifferent woman, and the passage of gravity may be able to join forces to modify her face, gentle and self-confidence in her eyes but can not fade, why, whether it is a life of ups or worldly downs, she can calm posture to examine the face, as she said: Chui, hundreds of millions of years, I do not know has experienced a number of times the crust change before the final for the emerald. A short life, why can not more Tolerance, tolerance it?

“I never thought I would and emerald affinity forthright character of my hobbies also belongs to the bold faction, playing, riding, shooting, in fact, it really was not what the ladies Fan children hobby I like not bound to live in freedom. originally I love diamonds annually Favorite many pieces, diamonds are not afraid to bump, easy to carry! “It is also because of the wide range of hobbies, only today the magazine book” fashion line “was born.

Joke fate is like a fortuitous opportunity for Jia Hongmei windfall of a high quality jade bracelets. Her friends need working capital to her for help, she bought a pair of jade bracelets friend collection. Just things in 2000, the collection market blowout, the value of jade class collections began to be widespread concern mentality to help a friend, she bought a pair of bracelets.

Her husband had a smile: “Jade is the aspect of her favorite jewelry as long as she has a friend like you just borrow to wearing, she will be willing! Alone emerald is not on her thiswith not own Mr. lend the same! ”

Favorite experience: emerald gems to pay attention to the timing and fate, it is the most representative of the Orientals restrained subtle, gentle temperament, traditional emerald style or old collection of re-design that will allow you to find their own different styles. It is very spiritual, with a beautiful Zen, my sentiment in its colors and transparent calm and eternal.

Friendship Bracelet Patterns

2012 December 24
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Posted by green hill

Friendship bracelets are an awesome technique to present your love and appreciation for that special friend of yours who’s always there every time you may need him or her. If you genuinely desire to permit him or her know how much you value him or her, then you should make the friendship bracelet your self. It’s definitely simple to study and you can go for any pattern of your very own choice.

You will find many that happen to be offered within the tips on how to books and on online web-sites. It is an excellent concept to start having a simple pattern and as you get extra at ease together with the entire method of doing the bracelets, you could go for your much more exotic ones. If you might have an artistic bend of head then it’s possible you’ll go for any custom design that complements the watch within your friend.

You will find distinct patterns which might be applied to make friendship . The amount of thread can differ. As an illustration, a double chain knot, consists of two strings. The candy-stripe may have three to forty strings in accordance to your pattern and thickness. As a result of their adaptability both equally men and women of all ages use to wear it. Vibrant color bracelets are primarily preferred in pre-teen and teen age girls and thick bracelets are typically worn by surfers.

The names in the friendship bracelet patterns range from area to site but they are really relatively equivalent. Bordered Chevron, Broken Ladder (a combo of your Chinese language Staircase as well as a Chevron), Candy-stripe, Chevron, Chinese Staircase or Swirl, Diagonal 3s, Double-chain Knot, Rag Rug, Swirl & Braids (a mixture of your Braid and Chinese language Staircase), Totem Pole, braid, Big Bad and The Cats Tongue (a combination of braid and Broken ladder) would be the names of patterns which are most generally used in all over the world.

A person in the most significant aspects, which is overlooked by numerous, is getting ready a friendship bracelet acquiring the right measurements. Generating a genuinely beneficial searching pattern that may be too small for the wrist of the friend is useless. Which is why you must take care to first measure the size from the wrist in the friend ahead of beginning to organize the bracelet and invest in the string accordingly. It really is ok when the string is often a little bit longer than the needed size as then you are able to lower the unwanted portion out soon after completing the bracelet.

Romantic Summer Tungsten Bracelets

2012 December 21
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Posted by green hill

Romantic Summer Tungsten Bracelets – US$ 65.74

The theme of Chanel 2009 Fall/Winter is Dandy Look which is renowned for sophisticated collar and cuff. To match it with a bracelet would not be a wise idea. Therefore, what the style of Chanel bracelet in coming season? Karl Lagerfeld continues his gorgeous Byzantine style. Thus a new Chanel Maltese Cross Bracelet was born.

The Maltese Cross is based on the sign used in Crusades, which is a symbol of knightly virtues, such as loyalty, sincerity, courage, honor. It can still be seen on the new Maltese Euro coins. It is an eight-pointed cross; the four arms are of equal length, widening slowly to end in doubled points. This Maltese Cross first appeared as a fashion design in the late 1920s. Chanel and Fulco di Verdura set out on a European tour for fresh inspiration. They visited fine jewelry museum collections and exhibitions and emerged from the tour excited about the recurring Byzantine pattern they saw. Soon after, Fulco created his revolutionary and now legendary brooch motifs, combining precious and semi-precious gemstones in asymmetrical patterns with different colors of gold. Fulco was eventually inspired to mount the brooches on a pair of cuffs he crafted for Chanel, thus defining the signature look she is most notably remembered by, and Verdura’s signature motif, the Maltese Cross, came to be.

The designers may not pay much attention on its religious meaning, but they use the traditional pattern ornamented with crystal, diamond and pearl, and then create gorgeous and majestic charm for the bracelet. Several decades has passed, the Maltese Cross design has been immortal classics in fashion world.

Jewelry Lovers Get Wrapped Up In Bangle Bracelets

2012 December 15
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Posted by green hill

A bracelet is defined as an ornament designed to be worn on the wrist or arm. Specifically, bangle bracelets are rigid bands that can either be hinged or solid and are some of the most popular designs in modern. Because of the significant amount of metal used in the design of a bangle, these bracelets are typically more expensive than a typical chain design. For this reason, many jewelry lovers turn toward sterling silver for the most affordable and boldest designs in bangle bracelets.

Incase you may be wondering why this type of sterling silver bracelet is so very popular among jewelry connoisseurs, the reasons are many. First and foremost, sterling silver is a durable metal that measures approximately 2.5 to 2.7 on the scale of hardness. Believe it or not, this means that sterling silver is actually harder than some types of gold. Durability is one of the most desirable qualities in bangle bracelets, which is why they are so very popular in sterling silver. In addition, women can enjoy a bolder look in sterling silver at a fraction of the price of gold. In terms of wear and cost, bangle bracelets designed in sterling silver are a perfect match.

When it comes to accessorizing your favorite jewelry, these popular bracelets are a design dream. The ability to easily convert from business to casual makes bangles a good investment for the woman who needs to maximize her jewelry wardrobe. It’s just as easy to wear a bangle to work in your favorite business suit as it is to toss on your favorite jeans, a plain white t-shirt and set out to run several afternoon errands. When the evening draws near, you will also find that a simple black dress will come to life with the addition of the right . For many, bangle bracelets are the perfect choice for any wear and everywhere.

If you are a lover of bracelets, the bangle design will offer you a classic look with a modern twist. Featuring styles that include polished, textured and those showcasing gemstone accents, the solid nature of the bangle will provide a look that’s traditional and a durability that gives you the perfect combination of movement and reassurance in your choice of accessories. Whether at fun or at play, this popular design in bracelets is sure to have you raising your hand in victory. Best of all, the bangle is very much in style for the upcoming season making any woman who wears it one who knows her fashion and stays atop of the current trends.

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Jiangnan Style on revelation and nephrite marketing

2012 December 15
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Posted by green hill

“Oh it just kill him, a Jiangnan Style some time ago set off a wave of the coolest, Korean-style. Analysts Papers From a marketing perspective to analyze why this “brainwashing song” is so popular, because it has the emotional resonance channels to select the correct advantage factor. In fact, as the traditional jade industry you can learn to do marketing.

Jiangnan Style can be recognized in so many countries, because itself contains a lot of universal elements of the general public. This is jade possess. Jade is to become China’s national stone, its tradition has never been interrupted in the thousands of years of civilization. Jade appears in every corner of our lives, from movies and television to the museum can be seen everywhere, jade and cultural cohesion has in-depth national heart. The jade have some quality often used as a compliment adjective, it shows to have a high degree of recognition. Return to marketing, jade products more popular to strengthen its identity volatile jade culture to the younger generation.

Jiangnan Style on YouTube starting, this is a wise decision. In today’s social networking tools so developed, the selection of suitable channels of communication more effective. This gives the the jade industry’s revelation that should break through the traditional marketing model. Today, e-commerce to become a step must be the development of enterprises, but very few companies do take into each channel. For young people, the e-commerce more to keep up with their spending habits, but the mindset of young people to choose their own favorite. Today, a lot of marketing has become very jerky, people are not so easy to accept. The Gangnam Style by new media and consumer word of mouth, was a great success. The jade enterprise how to take advantage of the influence of the media for their own sales service, at the same time do imperceptibly further efforts are needed.

The jade crafts are to see the color

2012 November 30
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Posted by green hill

Hetian jade in China at least 7,000 years of history, is the main body of China’s Jade Crafts culture. And nephrite texture is very delicate, so it’s the United States in the smooth and moist, color uniformity, soft as fat. It has a special gloss called luster of jade between glass sheen, oil sheen, waxy luster, this beauty is very elegant; very tough and nephrite, anti-stress than steel. If coupled with exquisite craftsmanship, cultivate the temperament and character of the people. Ancient China attaches great importance to the color and nephrite, it is not only an important symbol of quality, but also gives a certain ideology. China and nephrite There are several types of color:

Baiyu: containing tremolite more than 95 pure quality, delicate, moisturizing gloss and nephrite quality varieties. In the boom period of the Han Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Qing Dynasty several jade, attached great importance to the selection of quality white jade are often carved heavy. Suet white jade in the top grade, pure and delicate texture, containing tremolite reached 99, the color white was creamy subtle sheen. The same quality jade, its economic value is several times that of white jade. Han Dynasty, Song Dynasty and the Qing Emperor Qianlong period are extremely respected sheep refers to the white jade. A transitional type between white jade and jade green jade, no significant difference in its texture and white jade, jade-green white only hint of green in the pan for three jade and nephrite, economic value is slightly inferior to white jade.

Sapphire: Secheng light cyan, green, and gray are called Sapphire uniform its color, fine texture, containing tremolite 89, actinolite, was greasy luster, abundant reserves, the main varieties of ancient jade collection or mining .

Topaz: matrix as a white, yellow tone due to the long-term by the percolation of surface water iron oxide formation in the gap. Named according to the change of chromaticity: beeswax yellow, maroon and yellow, okra, yellow, yellow, yellow, egg yolk. Chroma thick beeswax yellow, maroon, yellow, extremely rare, its economic value is capable of reaching the suet. In the Qing Dynasty, the Topaz as “imperial” homophonic, and the rare, once the economic value of more than suet.

Moyu: tremolite folder graphite magnet ingredient that was black. Moyu mostly gray or gray ink jade clip black markings, dark clouds chip-named, to be light ink light, gold mink, beautiful temples, etc.. Black spots deep intensive called pure paint ink, the value is higher than other ink varieties. Moyu waxy luster, uneven color, not carved ornamentation, for multi-made mosaic purl vessels.

Jasper: produced in the Junggar jade mining, also known as the Tianshan jasper. Grayish green, dark green, dark green, pure color and dark green for the top grade. Folder there are spots, black spots or sand lance poor quality on the file. Jasper containing tremolite 85 or more delicate texture, translucent, oil sheen, for midrange jade.

The sugar Jade: iron oxide penetrate tremolite formation of different shades of red hull, crimson the said sugar jade, tiger jade, white pinkish said powder Jade. Sugar jade often associated with of Baiyu or Yuk two-color Tamaryo, made pretty color jade. Sugar jade mining after Jiaqing. Seed material emptied sugar jade hull made of snuff bottles. “Gold wrapped silver.

And nephrite as the material basis of this unique culture, the ancestors of the Chinese nation from a variety of stone screening out “beautiful stone has Wenrun Ying Ze careful tough aesthetic and practical function. This screening process is very long, always said throughout the Stone Age. In this lengthy screening process, “and nephrite become recognized as a” gem “,” real jade “.

Lacquer thread sculpture: a vibrant lines

2012 November 29
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 Lacquer thread sculpture: a vibrant lines

Active in reality the traditional

“‘Explosive’ growth.”

When the reporter asked carved lacquer line market situation faced by the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage, Xiamen, but the art paint line carved Art Co., Ltd. Zheng Jian, general manager of White used the adjective “explosive”, this is how many people feel some surprise.

According to the estimates, but Art sales this year will exceed 600 million, last year’s figure of $ 400 million, an increase of about 50%. In fact, since 2000, the company’s business every year has been extended to about 20%, a declaration of “national heritage” process, objectively propaganda played a direct role in promoting.

But arts company staff told reporters, many customers come here especially for a company first to ask a word is: “the most expensive works which one?” Due to limited manpower of the company, the handmade production can not cope with incoming ‘s orders, had to quietly take down many samples in the showroom.

Chua lacquer thread sculpture is the sole representative of the lacquer line carving skills to declare a national intangible cultural heritage of Xiamen but art paint line with the brand Sculpture Art Co., Ltd. is the only enterprise declare this project. June this year, the first batch of “National Heritage List after the announcement, the market and new” take “more than 20 production or operating carved lacquer line businesses, most of which are just in the last two or three years” to join ” come. In this regard, Zheng Jian white “is not a bad thing, the real development of enterprises in the competition to get more participants precisely carved lacquer line market to be optimistic about the prospects.

Even more interesting is the past in the process of change in carved lacquer line, pull the ceramic in performance art paint line carrier. Today, Dehua porcelain see the charm of carved lacquer line, carved lacquer line trying to pull past “, since” Red China “Dehua porcelain with painted lines carved decorative local already have several production paint line carving manufacturers.

Some scholars have pointed out, China’s intangible cultural heritage should be a tradition to live in reality, not just museum specimens. This view, the best interpretation of vibrant of Xiamen paint line carved body.

You are willing to share with me your thoughts or opinions?I need to make sure that this is not my neighbors like.

Like fox-like cunning bloodstone Arts and crafts

2012 November 28
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Dingding natural than nature stone; most wonderful nature, none other than the non-stone. For example Bloodstone. In any case you could not comprehend it, piece by piece scattered clouds into Xia Yin into “chicken” how to diffuse into the stone? You can not understand the generations Wenrenmoke why only respected this bright red bloody stone block? poetry and painting it, crispness exalteth worth a named Liu Guan red-black-and-white three-color bloodstone barely almost become a “stone Emperor” awe-inspiring, and the the finger belly of a small bloodstone, that we should be able to exchange a large color TV?

Bloodstone constitute fact mercuric oxide, but nature came out of a Chinese cultural mercuric oxide with stones welding that Nairen Pinza “playing consciousness headed up. So, become a cultural symbol of mercuric oxide-containing stones. When people talk about them, like to talk about gold and silver jewelry, talk about antiques and paintings, many many stones outside the implication, old-fashioned and cross the autumn up.

Bloodstone really pay attention to many first red to be brilliant to be positive; Second Scarlet to live blood to have melted into the stone into; once again “to children” is better, moist and free of impurities pure and soft, it is best lotus root starch, buckwheat ground “or” horn frozen chicken blood with “to children, lighting the next photo, and really shake people Xinjing, a jet-beauty.

About Soapstone, my knowledge is limited to the accumulation of some of these books.

Beijing Liulichang plenty of shopping, bloodstone everywhere, expensive, prohibitive, and a “Oufen” “buckwheat”, can not tell what the large ones, anyway, marked “Bloodstone” identity, assumed the Bloodstone know about that, gas you. Could not imagine, recently visited Wuyishan Jiuquxi on rafting before, actually buy into one extremely beautiful bloodstone.

Jiuquxi is the essence of the Wuyishan bamboo raft were born, so the Qing shiny water washing about beneath your tired soul, the pile very good thing. Liferaft but many need to queue up patiently. While, I queued to shore in a small shop stroll, to see first is a Qingtian stone carving and famous shop.

The owner, less than three years old, and a man. Jingzhuang Counter filled with all kinds of stone, Qingtian Stone mostly Shoushan Stone, and a few bright Scarlet bloodstone. This guy’s bloodstone like horns frozen, Scarlet flaky after, Xianggang slaughter rooster struggling drops into the appearance, and attractive. Surprisingly low price: seventy-five yuan one I was attracted by this cheap, the shopkeeper cable stone watch, the owner saw may be traded, it is very dedicated to sell me one second to go, I’m forty yuan a the price to buy a piece of beautiful Bloodstone. Multiply bamboo raft tour Jiuquxi is, bloodstone quietly accompanied me, cool and moist.

Back to the hotel, and to see them the same Arts and crafts counter bloodstone, the price of three hundred dollars, to the salesman asked why pricing? Answer: This is the third class bloodstone.

Look, not many people really bought the third class are of Bloodstone, storage the many crafts counters in the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area where they black face, red with a puddle of blood, very lonely with visitors. Perhaps the Wuyishan is Shoushan Stone ‘, birthplace of, Zhejiang Changhua Soapstone is a guest. Customers with the Lord, they can only be wronged better.

I treasure from the side bloodstone. Taking a closer look is not enough, it sold off confused. One day I watched it sideways in the sun, I felt vaguely bright with blood like a paint, they try to take a two-edged sharp knife engraved. Result of a knife cutting, stone Jingru plastic blocks a falling curl bar crumbs, and then the image of the point that the piece of bloodstone mutations into the true sense of the horns, sharp knife can cut the next All roads nail-like substance! So I suddenly, know when on other people’s. Understanding, to know this piece of fake bloodstone made very easy: first find a horn steatite, grind surrounded by different recess, then heap of red pigment, the last step is polished on the film. I used sliced ​​under the nail-like substance, in fact, is a rapid solidification of the film.

I will be piece of bloodstone gave an engage carving friends, let him guess the price? He hesitated a moment, that the value of seven or eight hundred dollars. My big music, put the Dier down to him. He also followed the music, and then repeated the stones looked, looked and looked, sighed and said: “fraud made such a realistic situation, it is not easy.” Finished over treasure authentic Xie, picked up stones to go research.

Clear emerald daisy pattern ring ear flat lid (Figure)

2012 November 26
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Posted by green hill

The end of the Qing Emerald Chanzhi chrysanthemum pattern into the Tianjin Museum of “Yiu World Treasure” exhibition hall, exhibition hall central independent showcase ring ears flat lid dazzling, can be described as material well in the late Qing Dynasty Jade Crafts carving, exquisite workmanship masterpiece.

The biggest thing is the audience this bottle by a large jade material aside made ​​one pair, 42.8 cm high caliber of 9.6 × 5.4 cm. Pale emerald green, between a little pale pink, uniform color and soft, beautiful crystal. Bottle another surprise superb carved exquisite craft. Peach button cover, cover on both sides of the body and bottle Carved Interlocking chrysanthemum pattern, neck and shoulder hollow flower ear sets a live ring bottle of plain, uniform fine polishing, oval Quanzu, single step attached seat on Yinxian carved with Animal Mask. Especially on the flower, leaf ornamentation using Loudiao technique finer carved quite Arabia geographical style with emerald crystal bright texture pavilions, elegant bottle has added a sense of Smart.

Emerald with its deep stable dignified the vagaries of emerald green and moist soft features loved by the people in the nation, especially on the favor of the Empress as the representative of the ruling class, the legendary Empress Ning jade ornaments instead of diamond headdress tribute, officials match up, the selection of fine jade into Bong, in order to fame and fortune, emerald there “Royal jade, jade king,” said. The Tianjin Museum on the Emerald large bottle material preserved for Myanmar jade and paired very rare.